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Black Forest Clocks by Hekas – Kammerer

Cuckoo clocks made by Hekas in Germany – Black Forest clock manufacturer

“Uhrenfabrik Helmut Kammerer” is also known by the name of Hekas. In 1938 he founded The Black Forest Clock Company and now looks back to his best performance of 70 years of efforts and success. Every cuckoo clock that leaves the workshop characterizes perfection, tradition and days of hard work. Rolf Kammerer took charge of the cuckoo clock company in 1981 and since 1998 has been supported fully by Uwe Kammerer. Uwe Kammerer belongs to the 3rd generation of the family members operating the company. Before entering the company he had developed a wide knowledge, and has earned for himself as a wood mechanic and as a toolmaker for years and then went on to the famous and impressive clock making school in Furtwangen, Black Forest. This helps Hekas to earn best quality of cuckoo clocks and fight their competitors with creativity and performance.

With its huge impact, Hekas covers the complete stretch of Black Forest Clocks. The customers approach from the souvenir clocks directly to the premium ones showcases the wide range of products available. It has its own cabinetmaking unit that manufactures clock cases and blanks forHand carvings. With young, sincere and skilled crafts men for carving, Hekas produces the top quality of cuckoo clocks.As a safety measure, all cuckoo clocks are left to run for at least 12 hours as a trial, and are then introduced in the market after intensive quality control. It has ambitious employees to over 40 countries worldwide and therefore has a good reputation internationally as well.

The German Black Forest – Tradition, History and Clocks

The Black Forest is a mountain range in the south west of Germany, where all the extraordinary and beautiful cuckoo clocks come from. It is located on the boarder triangle between Germany, France and Switzerland. It stunningly expands over the river Rhine flowing over a length of about 100 miles with a width of 25-40 miles.
The highest mountain range is the Feldberg which is 4900 ft. above sea level.

The Romans already knew about The Black Forest but preferred never settling there. Being a border area with regular military activities, the Romans built a road through the Black Forest. The Alemanni’s moved forward and major settlements were started by them.

The Black Forest also known as “Schwarzwald” in German language is one of the most impressive tourist spots, and besides the cuckoo clocks it has plenty more to offer that captivates the people around. Extensive and famous lakes like, the Titsee, The Schluchsee and The Feldsee and other unpredictably beautiful places, draw millions of people from all over the world every year.
The warmest region in Europe is between The Alps and The North Sea, which is in the southern part of the Black Forest. The climate also prospers and is ideal for wine growing. In summers one can participate in hiking, Nordic walking and biking and in winters one can do alpine skiing and cross country skiing, this place being the paradise for it all.

The Black Forest located near the German city, is not that huge and is sparsely populated with just few larger cities. Besides the Black Forest Clock and the attractive Cuckoo Clocks there are other products also available from the Black Forest at a good price, making it famous and reputed worldwide…the most famous ones being The Black Forest Gateau, Black Forest Ham and the Kirsch Schnaps.

One of the most interesting site is the “ German Clock Road” that travels through many beautiful and lovely cities of the Black Forest.In between the travel one can visit the clock museums and clockcompanies that provide us with a wonderful insight into the Black Forest Clock production company and its tradition.The clock industry is one of the most important industrial branches in that region. It has been on the top for several hundred years and hopefully will be there in the future too.From the activities of the workshops it looks like they have been away from Globalization and Plagiarism from Asia, this being mainly because the customers of cuckoo clock are happy and have faith in the original quality and are not interested in cheap imitations.


The German Black Forest

Once you have set your mind on a cuckoo clock, you may discover that you have questions that you would like to get quickly answered before you purchase your clock. Many people look for the difference in an eight day clock and a one day clock. There is a simple difference. An eight day clock needs to be wound only about once each week. And also the pine cone weights in an eight day clock are normally larger. Then a one day cuckoo clock will normally run from 24 to 30 hours before it needs wound. So, you simply need to decide whether you would like to wind the clock each day or once a week.

Another confusing point is the variety of styles present before those who are looking to purchase their first cuckoo clock. There are two basic styles of a cuckoo clock. One being the carved style and the other is the very popular chalet style. Carved style cuckoo clocks have really good carvings on the case, such as animals or leaves. Chalet style clocks simply have a mini chalet. They feature moving figurines and animals and some have many of each.

To decide for a better one, you just need to know if you would like to have an elegant cuckoo clock, which is the carved style or an animated one with figures that seem to spring to life as with the chalet style.

One more confusing thought that occurs is that most people do not know how to correctly identify a Black Forest cuckoo clock. These are highly popular items with a fine touch of creativity made in the Black Forest of Germany. In order for a clock to be a true Black
Forest creation, it would have a certificate of authenticity by the Black forest clock association. This certificate will ensure that your clock is a proper one which has been handmade in the Black Forest, and is a true authentic Black Forest creation.


Service and Repair – Cuckoo clock

Cuckoo clocks are a passion for many and a joy for all. Taking true care of your cuckoo clock is not difficult, but it is necessary.

Firstly, you should never move with your clock with the pendulum on it. You should have your cuckoo clock oiled each three years and it is also recommended that it should be taken apart and cleaned at least every ten years. This is to
prevent the wear on its parts and to keep it functioning and providing the beautiful scenes and music. The weights of a one day clock should be wound daily whereas the weights of an eight day clock are actually only wound around once a week. In order for proper functioning of the clock, winding of the weights need to be done with the clock against the wall and pulling of the chains with the hand. This will prevent you from pulling the clock from the wall and possibly damaging it.

You should exercise extreme care while hanging your clock. It may be difficult to tell if the clock is actually level depending on the design, and it must be remembered that the clock should be properly leveled in order for it to function. A good way to see that the clock has
achieved a perfect level is to hang the clock at the position that it seems most level. When you hang the pendulum on the wire hanger and the put the weights on the clock, slightly push the pendulum. If this makes your clock to move on its own then it is leveled. If it does not, then you should move the bottom of the clock in the direction that you think would level it. Listening to the ticking of the clock and watching the pendulum, are the best ways to put it into a level position. It works only when it is leveled, so take time and care in getting it right. After all, the purpose of you purchasing the clock is to see it in the working function, right? So take care to ensure that everything is in perfect working order before you hang it on the wall.

Schild clocks – handpainted

Shield clocks from Black Forest – hand painted clocks

The shield clocks were the most popular and the most acquired models from the German Black Forest. Long before the cuckoo clocks were promoted, the shield clocks were the boss and were sold in large numbers.Besides Germany,they have showed their worth in many other countries as well. Shield clocks were advertised after the end of the 18th century and were manufactured in great numbers. They were the best known brand of the Black Forest clocks until the middle of the 19th century. One of the general designs is a square clock shield (case) with a semicircle on the top and the wooden shield usually being handmade.
Later the shields started being made of porcelain too.

Hand painted shield clocks by the great artists adds value to the unique work of art. During the 19th century the shield clocks were decorated using transfer pictures. The inevitable demand forced the Black Forest clockmakers to use up this new technique for decorating clock shields. The exquisite paintings are made up of bright and strong colors that make an impact on the viewers. The most profitable and the most common paintings were that containing flowers painted on a special undercoat also searched by the Black Forest clockmakers. This undercoat added value to the painting that helped it to last much longer than before and was responsible for the increasing statistics of the German shield clocks. The previous shield clocks were often built up of a cuckoo call just like the great modern cuckoo clocks have. The cuckoos were braced into the semicircle. Some shield clocks also have the concept of quail call.

These days also the Black Forest clockmakers manufacture shield clocks of such versions. Some other workshops have also experimented with the design of the historical replica shield clocks like Rombach & Hass. Clocks, mostly by Hubert Herr, Hones (in German Hönes) and Rombach & Hass, are delivered to The European-Gift-Palace. If one likes such pleasing shield clocks then one should not miss out on the designs by Rombach & Hass (“Romba”). The company also provide’s individual paintings of the shield clocks.


Rombach & Haas german Cuckoo clocks

Cuckoo clocks by Rombach and Haas – Black Forest clocks by Romba ======================================================

“Romba” Also Known As The Rombach & Haas Company has become a leader and its story of growth and success begins from 1894. The 4th generation couple, Ingolf Hass and wife Conny lead the production in the company. The ideas with lots of variety by the innovators are still used by the manufacturers of the Romba clocks. Managing through reasonable prices and best quality has been the main reason for its quick promotion. The unexpected quality and good work of The Rombach & Hass clock can be recognized easily by the people worldwide. Special and beautiful timekeepers are seen
in the company’s workshops in Schonach/Black Forest.
More than 100 years of relentless hard work celebrates the Romba clock to be a sophisticated and the most dreamt timepiece that can be enjoyed for a long term.

Every timepiece that comes from Rombach & Haas Black Forest is handmade, spectacular and offers magnificent and uncommon characters. People worldwide know that for many years Romba has enjoyed lucky breaks, being the leaders and the number one position in the league of “Specialized Black Forest Clocks” earned by care and recognition to design and it continues to impress the world with their clock making art. Besides cuckoo clocks they manage to offer ample replicas of historical clocks that deserve great respect. Because of its huge impact and growth the Romba clocks have been awarded and recognized by The Black Forest Clock Association (VDS) with the title “Black Forest Clock of the year” in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005.


Hubert Herr Cuckoo clock

Hubert Herr Black Forest clocks made by Black Forest clockmakers

Full name of Hubert Herr is “Uhrenfabrik Hubert Herr”.
The company has the oldest and the most hard working manufacturers of all the Black Forest companies. In the beginning of the 19th century they started the business of crafting cuckoo clocks. This long growing venture, tradition and experience makes a Hubert Herr clock very special. The promising craftsmen with a lot of experience and potential guarantee the people with cuckoo clocks of the best quality equipped with the most frequent of the technical innovations. They have two workshops in Triberg, Black Forest, for the whole proposition, right from crafting of the cases to the assembling of the movements. All carvings are done by hand by the skilled and successful craftsmen. With its growing production and deeply rooted tradition, their manufactured product is liked by people all over the world and also has exports into 60 countries.

Today, family members Klaus, Reinhard and Hugo Herr, manage the company.
Hubert Herr, a commercial name, is well recognized all over!!!


German Cuckoo Clock Information

Guide to German Cuckoo clocks and Black Forest clocks

We have taken the pleasure to compile many interesting facts about Black Forest cuckoo clocks and other Black Forest clocks. This text will help you gain more knowledge about the functioning of cuckoo clocks and differences between the various models. Besides being crafted by hand, these cuckoo clocks also offer great technical functions proving and being recognized as a combination of both German craftsmanship and engineering.

The European Gift Palace offers great awareness on one of the largest collections of cuckoo clocks on the web.
Actually, a larger collection is not known so far. We hope that this text will guide you to know the secrets of the most successful of the clocks and help you choose the right clock for your home.


One can look for original German clocks at The European Gift Palace made by 6 different  manufacturers of the Original Black Forest cuckoo clocks. The renown and the favorite traditional companies are Rombach & Haas also known as the Romba, Hubert Herr clocks, Anton Schneider, Hönes also Hoenes/Hones, Hekas – by Helmut Kammerer and Trenkle Uhren. All manufacturers are members of the VDS i.e. the Black Forest Clock Association and all mechanical clocks are certified by this institution.

The certificate says that the clock is an Original Black Forest clock, driven by mechanical clock movements. It has been produced in the Black Forest even its most important parts, thereby fulfilling the requirements of the VDS (Black Forest Clock Association).
A quartz cuckoo clock does not embrace the above requirements and hence does not receive the VDS certificate.

The VDS also has many service stations that look after the performance of the cuckoo clocks and also the wreckage in them. These stations are known by the name of international Service Network, and are spread worldwide.

Clock movements

It is important to know the details of an Original Black Forest cuckoo clock. Its movements are controlled by a mechanical clock that has to be wound over.

The movements are managed in two different ways – 1. The 1-Day movement and 2. The 8-Day movement.
Both are relatively high quality mechanical clock movements. These cuckoo clocks are driven by weights called as Fir Cones that hang down from the clock. A 1-Day clock requires winding every 24 hours and an 8-Day clock needs winding every week.

These clock movements are made in Germany or Switzerland. Some manufacturers assemble the movements in their workshops others get them as finished products. Hubert Herr prepares and assembles the movements fully in his workshop. And in fact all these movements come out to be of the highest quality, very pleasing, reliable and durable. There is a significant difference between the prices of cuckoo clocks with an 8-Day movement and clocks with 1-Day movement, the 8-Day movement ones being more expensive.

One is recommended to buy clocks with mechanical movements. They essentially promote everything that an Original Black Forest clock is about. One can look
forward to such clocks, with a unique combination of skill, smartness, smoothness and modernity, crafted with love and professionalism.

Another type of a clock movement is seen in the quartz cuckoo clocks. This has no winding but runs by battery. Though the VDS does not consider this clock
as a typical Original Black Forest clock, but most of the manufacturers also have these clocks available to be able to provide the customers with a complete range
of products. Like all other type of products you will find cheap Asian copies of cuckoo clocks also. One cannot find the qualities of an Original Black Forest clocks in these as they cannot be compared with the original ones also of the fact that these are generally quartz clocks. One can find all quartz cuckoo clocks in our store having a
quality comparable to mechanical clocks from the Black Forest and also available within the same price range.
Style and Design

Cuckoo clocks have 2 extraordinary styles and all manufacturers usually make the clocks with those 2 styles.

It constitutes The Chalet which is basically a type of house. These Chalet designs transform from a typical Black Forest House to an Alpine House or a Timbered
House (Tudor Style House). Many details and preferred movements characterize the Chalet cuckoo clock. Often a circumstance seen in everyday life is displayed.
Many have the impressive handmade and hand laid shingles on the roof.

The other of few designs includes a traditionally carved cuckoo clock that usually shows scenes of nature or hunting. The typical of the designs that captivates the customer is of the traditional carvings of birds, deer, eagles, leaves or owls.

Both the styles are favored and loved equally all around the world. With time new styles are also being introduced, which style will one prefer depends on his/her requirements.

Cuckoo Call

Every mechanical cuckoo clock has a typical and the most famous cuckoo call that gives pride to a Black Forest clock and makes it so unique. The sound is not
made electronically but is solely produced by the clock movement. Technically speaking it is registered by two bellows or the air chambers. Air is filled into the bellows and a sound is produced through a kind of whistle. The first bellow produces the first part of the sound (“CU”) and the second bellow produces the other part (“CKOO”).

Scarce though, but some cuckoo clocks have hand carved cuckoos also. There are even clocks present with cuckoos having moving wings.

And the sound produced in a quartz clock is produced electronically or is recorded in a tape.

Music and Melodies

Besides the typical cuckoo sound numerous clocks also play some music. For making it attractive and for the lovers of Original Black Forest clocks music is essential.

Alternatively two melodies are generally played. Many are provided with the German folk songs “Der fröhliche Wanderer” and “Edelweiss”. Chalets showing beer drinkers often pick the songs “In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus” and “Trink, Brüderlein Trink”. To maintain the persistency of being well known requires an important criterion in
the musical movement. Although all cuckoo clock musical movements are attractive and of high quality, the number of tones changes from 18 to 36. More the tones, more the sound will be better.

8-Day clocks overwhelmingly plays the music every full hour whereas a 1-Day clock plays music every half and full hour. You can recognize the change in the musical cuckoo clocks by the third weight.

Quartz clocks usually play wonderful music every hour and have up to 12 different  melodies.

Dancing Figurines / Dancing Couples

Many cuckoo clocks have dancing figurines because they are very popular. If the clocks
have dancers, then they are usually placed below the cuckoo and turns when the music plays. At the same time there are different types of dancing figurines also. Some have happily dancing couples; others have Black Forest couples or children figurines. Depending on the uniqueness of the clock and its price the figurines could be hand carved or hand painted, whatever makes them valuable and different.

Moving figurines and other moving elements

Besides Dancing figurines there are however other figures also that seen on certain German black forest clocks. Chalets have beer drinkers that appear to lift their glasses, wood choppers with their axes, wood sawyer that saw, water wheels that turn and other
moving figurines and elements. Every detail is contained in the product description of each cuckoo clock. The movement is usually exposed when the music plays.

A few traditionally carved cuckoo clocks also portray moving parts, like some are seen with bird movements.
Moving figurines bring great variety and long lasting fun for its audience.

Night Shut-off / Sound shut-off

Since a cuckoo clock makes a kind of sound at least every hour, because of this advantage a night shut-off can also be introduced. Depending on the positioning
of the clock in the house, these night shut-off’s can be very valuable.
Another advantage is that one can effectively place it anywhere in the house. Some clocks have a manual aspect of night shut-off that can be turned off by pulling the lever on the outside of the clock. For no trouble and for frequent users a clock with automatic
night-shut off is preferred.
Not all cuckoo clocks have a night shut-off.


The linings of different colors are not the result of different kinds of wood used. For carving process the wood used is the usual local Linden tree or Lime tree as known, because it is the best for carvings. The secondary wood used is the maple.

Differences in Prices / Price determination

Every Original Black Forest cuckoo clock is of good and exceptional quality and is made by hand in Germany. All mechanical clocks available in our shop have low price but it certainly does not imply that the clock is of bad quality.

Prices of different manufacturers are too close. Maybe some are a little more expensive than others.

Cuckoo clocks with 8-Day movement are a little more expensive than 1-Day clocks but it does not imply a low quality. The price increases if the clock plays music.

Other factors that can shoot up the price are:
1. Size of the clock
2. Number of musical melodies and tones for the movement of the figurines.
3. How deep and filled the carvings are and whether they are hand carved or not.
4. Dancing figurines also depending on whether they are hand painted or hand carved.
5. Figurines and details of their ornaments, number, size, movement, and hand carved or hand painted.
6. Quality of the wood used for the cuckoo, dial, hands, roof, and figurines.
7. Availability of night shut-off.

Warranty / Care / Repair

Before receiving the clock, it has been tested intensively without a downfall in its report. Very rarely will one receive a problem in an Original Black Forest cuckoo clock. All clocks have a 24 month warranty for its mechanical parts. Since all Manufacturers ensure high quality of product; there are almost no warranty claims. If anyone experiences a problem in its regular use then the company employees and the local service stations together look into the matter and solved the concern problem quickly and easily.

Usually a cuckoo clock runs for many years without any problem. However, for better results the manufacturers recommend the customers to get the clock oiled and
cleaned every 3-5 years. A local clockmaker will also do. Although the movements work freely without irregularity for at least 30 years, regular maintenance would increase the life of the clock. If new and improved parts of the clock are required then a local clockmaker would not be of much help. In such cases one can contact us, the experienced and specialized manufacturer of clock parts at

Particular care is to be taken of the cuckoo clock and the customers are requested to expose it only to normal indoor environment. People can make a mistake by exposing the clock to temperatures below 0° Celsius (32° F), to dusty and humid environments, which proves to be inappropriate for the cuckoo clocks.

Mounting, set-up and shipping of a cuckoo clock

Every cuckoo clock is acknowledged with a user manual and set-up instructions.
For enthusiastic customers, please read the instructions before unpacking the cuckoo clock. Remember to keep the clock box with you as it can be of help during shipping and other purposes.
The most important point to be noted is that after the little bag has been opened that  contains the chains etc. the clock must not be turned upside down. One would take a risk of loosing the chains if so done.

Set the cuckoo clock at the place you find is the most ideal for it. Depending on the size and type of movement a cuckoo clock can manage 10kg or 22lbs of weight easily, which means a strong and solid support for the clock is required. Also, since the weights must hang freely, therefore it requires a minimum height of 1.5 – 2.0 m (5 – 6 1/2 feet). Otherwise one needs to train himself for pulling or winding the clock repeatedly.

One needs to pull the chains so the hooks are under the case if required to ship the clock. Through all the chains, insert a piece of string, a wire or a twist wrap close to the case’s bottom. Grab the chains and bundle them up in a piece of aluminum foil, and tie every part of it with a rubber band, tape or a string. This makes it easy for the customer and prevents the chains from coming off the wheels. Put a strip of paper in the spiral gong of the  ackage on the inside of the back access panel. Pack the clock in a box with crushed newspaper and place it comfortably (please do not use Styrofoam peanuts). Then wrap the package, label the pendulum and place it in a box. It is advisable not to send the weights along, but if the weights are numbered like 275, 320 etc. then enclose it in a box with your brief description like name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or any other detail that would help in case of some problem would do.


Black Forest clocks by Herr

Hubert Herr cuckoo clocks have been around since the beginning of the 19th century. What started in a small
workshop in Germany has now grown into its 5th generation of producing beautiful cuckoo clocks that are valued all around the world for its unique designs and high quality.

Each made from solid wood and involving hand carvings, Hubert Herr German cuckoo clocks are beautiful and elegant and lend a world of sophistication and tradition to every home which holds them.
from the lovely Wood Chopper to the more intricately created and designed Leaf and Bird,
these beautiful clocks hold a history each its own. For every home that collects cuckoo clocks, Hubert Herr clocks are an essential timepiece. Made from the seasoned Black Forest Linden wood, Hubert Herr Black Forest clocks are a unique and elegant piece that carries with them centuries of tradition and design.

Whether small cuckoo clocks are preferred more or the elaborate musical clocks, each is made with high quality and reflects years of traditional hand carving and unique designs. The clocks themselves are attractive creations and add beauty to your home. If you are an avid collector or simply like the thought of owning a cuckoo clock, creations of Hubert Herr Black Forest cuckoo clocks are bound to delight everyone who sees them. Talk about a
conversation piece. These clocks are a result of such intricate designs that are worth hours of conversation.

If you are thinking of starting a cuckoo clock collection, already have one, or simply want to add beauty and delight to your home, Black Forest cuckoo clocks made in Germany are a wonderful choice. Each defines its own story and you can simply feel the centuries of tradition in every

Authentic Romba clocks

Cuckoo clocks have been beautiful pieces added to plenty of homes for many years. While seeking for beautiful creations that add charm to our homes, one should go for the Rombach & Hass Black Forest cuckoo clocks, which have been admired by
people around the world since 1894. In the beginning of the Rombach & Haas cuckoo clock creation, an old farmhouse located in the middle of Schonach alone served as a factory for making different sorts of cuckoo clocks. In later years, Schonach became the center for cuckoo clock production in the Black Forest and still remains so today. During the earliest years the production of cuckoo clocks was not seen as an only provider of income, however, today cuckoo clock production is one of the most rewarding industries in Germany.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Rombach & Haas limited their production to only wall clocks. This production was brought to a stop during both of the World Wars, but today Rombach & Haas produces a large number of cuckoo clocks each year, with their Black Forest clocks being highly popular and known throughout the world for their quality and beauty.

Rombach & Haas is currently in its fourth generation of cuckoo clock production. With the beautiful Black Forest cuckoo
clocks being sold in practically every country and being displayed in millions of homes around the world, it is evident that these cuckoo clocks are among the most special items that one like to collect everywhere.

Today cuckoo clocks are flourishing practically everywhere, however to attain the quality and standard of beautiful clocks, Rombach & Haas lead the industry with their production of the Black Forest collection.

New developments are made regularly by Rombach & Haas from owner Ingolf Haas and his wife Conny. By keeping their talent and beauty of the original creations alive, Rombach & Haas are still leading the industry with their beautiful Black Forest cuckoo clock creations.

If you are interested in cuckoo clocks, and particularly German cuckoo clocks, then the beautiful and elegant Rombach & Haas clocks offer a story telling history in its each creation. Whether you are an avid collector or simply would like to add a beautiful and interesting
cuckoo clock to your home, each of the clocks offer beauty, history, and a wonderful story of their own. The Rombach & Haas Black Forest cuckoo clocks have maintained their level of popularity through four generations, and it will be no surprise to see them maintain for more.