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German Cuckoo clocks from the black forest

Over two centuries ago Franz Kettler created the very first Black Forest coo coo clock in a small village in Germany. They have become very popular and highly requested items. Many are still hand-crafted as the first one was , and features a wood carved coo coo bird that was animated and worked using a variety of pendulums and weights. The coo coo clock started to increase in popularity after Franz Kettler introduced his smart invention to them. As a pass time in the long and bitter cold winter months, the German villagers would hold a contest to see who could create a coo coo clock that was more unique and detailed than the next villager. When spring returned they would take their coo coo clock creations to town and sell them. Every since that first display of the first coo coo clock, people from all over the world have been intrigued by these gorgeous creations. The hearts of people of all ages are stolen by the hand carved animated figurines and the intricate designs. These gorgeous coo coo clocks range from the Chalet clocks that tell stories from the heart of the Black Forest to the traditional five leave coo coo with its walnut finish and the small red painted flowers. Each one of the coo coo clocks with their musical tones and their animated figures, for example, the wood chopper, give a tad bit of German history each and every time they chime and along with that the excitement and joy of being the owner.